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Dark Evening (2012)

Posted by Feywer on November 14, 2015 at 1:10 PM

Dark Evening (2012)

Dark Evening was really one of my first musical musings with keyboard. I had gotten a keyboard for christmas one year and it had a built-in bank of General MIDI sounds. I didn't have any way of recording my music back then because I had no idea what MIDI even was or how it was interfaced with a computer, so what I did was literally tape a headset microphone to the speaker and record the output. It was definetly not graceful, but the sound didn't come out too bad, actually.

When I made this album I was heavily listening to Constance Demby, she's a pretty good space-music artist. At the time perhaps I was unconsciously motivated by her music in this album, because comparatively it sounds reminicnent to some of her works, listening to it again. In terms of activity, this album isn't really ranking high in that regard. It's focus are the monotinous swirling pads.

This album used soft, slow and swelling strings in different chord combinations in a progression that lasts around thirty minutes. This album wasn't released, so it sat dormant on some hard drive somewhere until I recently just discovered it again. In lieu of this I've added it along with all my other albums, rightly so. It may not be very active in terms of excitement in the album, but it does create a meditative lull that can be used for trance induction or meditations.

Track Listing

01 - Dark Evening (27:39)

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