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Escape (2017)

Escape is an ethereal wave/shoegaze-style album with a focus on heavy guitar distortion and effect-filters, groovy percussion and drum 'n' bass rhythms, smashing progressions, and some vocals. Let my dark ambient and groovy ethereal rhythms immerse you into an Escape.

Approaching Desolation (2016)

Dark, grungy atmospherics and relentless beats set the tone for the approaching desolation. Combined with gritty wild guitars, vocals and percussion it makes for an interesting exploration in musical sound.

Eye of the Storm (2016)

Eye of the Storm is another ambient project, this time focusing on high quality pristine pads with a dynamic influx rhythm of soft gentle pounding and drums.

Omission / Arpology

Omission / Arpology is a compilation album featuring various electronic projects throughout the ages. From the chaotic and spunky to the groovy and melodic, Omission features a variety of sounds.

The Road to Nowhere (2016)

The Road to Nowhere is a texture and drone album, experimenting with tones, long lulls and loops, creating interesting effects and atmospheres. From solemn and light to heavy and warm, the textures featured on this album span a variety of moods.

Point of Origin (2016)

Point of Origin is a cinematic album that doesn't focus on a particular theme. Rather, it explores a variety of textures and impressions that are emotionally distant but evolving, and mysterious. Expect to hear a variety of styles on this album as it digs into the fertile grounds of electronic and analog experimentation.

Forgotten Ones (2015)

Forgotten Ones is a dark-ambient, electronic experimental textural drone album, with ritual scores in mind, for magical practitioners or sacred-space atmospheres. Energetic but wafting curls of vocal bliss carry the mind to a far away place - to the Forgotten Ones.

Singles (2015)

Singles is an album produced between the winter of 2014 and the autumn of 2015. It features electric-guitar singles, with or without various effects, vocals and/or samples.

Artefacts (2015)

Artefacts explores the realm of the sound and mind together. Tracks are significant of mental states and personal experiences, so this album evokes solemn atmospheres of gentle, warmth - and at times, erratic and eerie, cold and almost 'distant' imagery; spooky sounds, long drones, complex pads, acoustics and vocals.

The Oracle (2013)

The Oracle is an album created throughout various months of musical expression. It's an ambient musical experimental track that is suitable for low-level listening environments, or even deep, meditative listening when you really want to immerse yourself.

The Dream (2014)

A collection of desperate and desert-sounding guitar pulls and slides. Occasional electronic synths dot the sonic terrain in this dreamlike environment.

Nirvana (2014)

Experimental sound collages and "thinking music" with repetitive percussive tracks and drone-like wafting swirls and curls.

2 A.M. Guitar Projects (2014)

Unreleased concept album. Guitar minimalism and motifs. Interesting effects for deep and casual listening.

Dreamtime Journey (2013)

Dreamtime Journey shifts from the solemn realm of pads and drones and evolves to a more complex and electronic-groove. This album was a musing in sequencing, layering and tribal drums.

Cathedral (2013)

Cathedral is one of my more earlier albums. Bells and chimes are a theme throughout the album, combined with the richly-sounding choirs and depthful pads, the album gives a unique texture and feel that makes it memorable.

Dark Evening (2012)

Dark Evening was one of my first musical musings with keyboard. This album uses soft, slow and swelling strings in different chord combinations in a progression that lasts around thirty minutes, creating a meditative lull that can be used for trance induction or meditations.

Sanctum (2012)

One of my earlier albums. Unreleased, but considered a part "two" for Cathedral (although it was produced before). Sanctum continues and evolves the bright angelic atmosphere but with less serious harmonics and tones and more open, airy and dynamic.

Darkness of Space (2012)

One of my earlier albums. Unreleased. Synthesizer and keyboard drones.

Guitar Drones (2012)

Guitar Drones is an acoustic-experimental album composed around christmas. It features guitar drones and textures, and is laid into two tracks.

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